The Third Gift

The Third Gift: My Dance With The Devil (And Her Mother)

What happens when the devil attacks your strength and shapes it into a weakness?

J.D. “Danny” McCabe maintained a loving relationship with his wife for nearly twenty years before the underpinnings of their marriage, family, and world began to crumble. Their foundation had always been rooted in the mantra that trust is the bedrock of a healthy relationship. Indeed, Erin had always claimed that things wouldn’t, couldn’t work without trust. But one day, for reasons Danny could not fathom, Erin became suspicious of his every move. Phone calls, text messages, and work emails were manufactured into proof of infidelity, drug addiction, and a network of lies.

She enlisted her mother in her efforts, and together they forged the words of family, trust and honesty into a metaphorical hammer and beat him into the ground. Their accusations accumulated, twisting reality and eventually resulting in Danny’s involuntary hospitalization.

Danny was pushed to the edge, and was damn near ready to jump. Then, God intervened. Erin’s shocking revelation, her Third Gift, lit the blind spots in his marriage that Danny had never before been able to reconcile.

About J.D. “Danny” McCabe

J.D. “Danny” McCabe grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as the middle child of a very large family. From an early age, he was independent and a practical realist. This first-time author began writing his diary as a historical journal of events that evolved quickly and came without context.

Danny was encouraged to share this personal and unbelievable voyage in rediscovering himself by the many people who witnessed and heard about his journey first hand. He is blessed with two beautiful adult children. J.D. resides in the Charleston, SC area.